The Power of Proximity


Let’s talk about the power of proximity when it comes to your earning potential.

When I moved away from California, one of the commitments that I made was to never lose out on the incredible network I had built up there. Once a month, my friends and I meet up to have dinner and reconnect. When I looked around at this latest dinner, I realized that the collective worth of everyone there was over five billion dollars. Incredible. Incredible.

How did I get a seat at that table? I started to trace back my path and how I had met each of those people. I met each of them at some point along my journey of self-improvement, and each one helped me reach the next level as they continued to reach higher levels as well.

Don’t be impatient about the time it takes to get there. Time is going to pass anyway. Instead, make sure you’re spending that time being intentional and you will be amazed at where you end up in just five years.

What’s important
isn’t always

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How to make your priorities happen
  • Putting yourself around successful people
  • The power of networking

Resources Mentioned:

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