It is my goal to bring every single one of you massive success. Thankfully, I have found the recipe for massive success… and it takes just three simple things. Yes, there are more than these three factors that will contribute to success, but without them, you’ll be hard-pressed to find it.

Here are the three things that go into finding massive success: Luck, Risk, and Effort. We’re going to dive into each one individually as well as how they play off of each other to create that success.

Effort seems obvious. In most cases, the harder you work, the more success you are going to create. But effort alone is not going to ensure success — hard work in the wrong direction is not going to make you successful, but hard work or consistent effort in the right direction is a crucial part of the recipe for success.

Risk is the part of this formula that most people struggle with. They don’t want to make big investments or risk looking foolish by failing. It’s the part of this recipe that’s most often missing. But the people who’ve already been there have risked it all. Even when it led to failure, they just got back up and tried again.

Luck is the one that’s going to upset most people. It’s ignorant to think anyone is going to have massive success without a little luck along the way. And although you can’t control luck, you can increase the frequency with which you experience luck by making space for new opportunities.

All three of these are levers you can pull — and you’ve got to pull all three with all your strength if you want massive success.

The harder
you work,
the more success
you create.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The formula for massive success
  • Putting in the right kind of effort
  • Being willing to put up with risk
  • How to increase your changes for luck

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