If I Had to Start All Over


One of the most common questions I get is this: If I didn’t have the audience I have now, if I didn’t have the money I have now, if I was just a regular person starting from scratch… What would I do? How would I start over?

I’m going to share with you my plan to make one million dollars in just 24 months. It’s a simple plan, but executing on it isn’t always easy.


Year One:

The first thing I would do is figure out one skill that I have and find ten clients right off of social media and referrals, and I would coach those ten people for $2500 over 90 intense days. That would be $25,000 in just 90 days. I would invest half of that money and live off of the other half for the next 90 days. Then I’d do it again. Result: $50,000 in six months.

Now that I’d have proven results for myself I’d repeat the same process again for $3500 over the next six months. Simply coaching people on Zoom on one skill I have mastered would have earned $120,000 in one year, with me saving half and living off the other half.


Year Two:

After a year of a proven track record I would continue the same trend, charging $5500 to each client in Q1, $6500 in Q2, $7500 in Q3, and $8500 in Q4. Adding that up, with ten clients every 90 days, comes to $280,000 revenue just from coaching. I would continue to save half and live off of half.

Also in year two I would add one more thing: In Q3, I would record a video course on the same thing I am coaching on. With my $200,000 in savings I would spend $100,000 of that on Facebook ads to promote this course. This can easily add up to 50,000 new leads. The course would launch in Q4 of year two, and converting just 4% of those leads at $300 per course would lead to a $600,000 launch.

Don’t get caught up in the numbers. If you don’t feel comfortable charging that much, cut the numbers in half or even quarters. That is still a lot of money to make in just two years from nothing. And if you’re still unsure then it may be time to start upgrading your money mindset to overcome your limiting beliefs.


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