Uplevel You Financial Results – Instant HACK


So you’ve probably heard that you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with, but I also believe that you’re also the average of the environment you hang out around most as well. That being said, I’m here to offer you some hacks to help you change that environment to change your outcome.

While a lot of these will be no-brainers, I think you’ll also find them challenging, but stick with me.

“At first a lot of these things will feel quite uncomfortable – that’s normal. But the goal is to do them often enough so they feel comfortable so that they can become your new environment.”

Here are a few hacks:

• Travel. If you don’t travel, START! If you do travel, travel BETTER. Get a better hotel room. See what it feels like to walk into a better hotel. How are you greeted? How comfortable is the bed? Up-level your hotel experience. Same goes for flying… First Class!

“That extra few hundred dollars could change your level of expectations forever.”

• Clothes. If you can’t afford them just try them on. Even if you don’t purchase, you are up-leveling how you look and feel.

“It’s not wasted money if it’s an investment in yourself that totally changes your level of expectation from here on out.”

• Restaurants. Not in a place where you can spend money on that expensive of a meal? Get a drink at the bar.

“Change your environment – change your results.”

It’s simple. If you never experience something different, you’ll never pursue it. That’s why it is so crucial to make that S T R E T C H that truly changes your environment. It’s the change that truly counts.

Of course we all start at different levels, so acknowledge the level you’re at and go from there, whether it’s an extra $20, $200 or $2,000. Regardless of the dollar amount, any time you bust through that uncomfortable barrier, you experience growth.

So, I encourage you… Go splurge a little. Not to hurt yourself financially, but to forever change what you expect of yourself. If you commit to that you will be amazed at the up-leveling effect it will have on all areas of your life.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why you are the product of the environment you hang out in
  • How intentionally changing your environment can change your outcome
  • How to get comfortable with the uncomfortable
  • How to up-level your expectations of yourself

Resources Mentioned:

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