How This Soul Fueled CEO Suddenly Got Her Business to Skyrocket with Amber Lilyestrom


Everyone, meet Amber Lilyestrom, a fellow entrepreneur and passionate soul who left a successful career to make a bigger impact and fulfill her soul’s higher calling, which has since allowed her to pour more of her time and soul into her family. She now enjoys pushing herself beyond her human limits and mindset roadblocks that inevitably pop up along the way – all to be the BEST version of who she was born to be.

What I love the most about this mompreneur’s mission and story is that she’s done all of this to help others create businesses that align more with who they are. Amber wants everyone to lead the happiest and most fulfilling life through “coming home to their truth.” And she loves to facilitate that process.

“I’ve always wanted to empower people to embrace and accept themselves because I never did.”

Of course, the above is rarely a straight path, and that’s why Amber is so transparent about the challenges she’s faced and continues to face (mostly her own limiting beliefs that made her question her personal value). Through her own experiences, she is able to whole-heartedly encourage others to take that leap and use what they have (or don’t have) to their advantage.

“Action builds belief.”

This podcast is a must-listen for all those who feel that pull on their souls to do something bigger and more true to themselves. It is my hope that by the end of this episode that your soul is fueled, ready to make an impact in your own unique way.

“When I invest in me, it is the greatest investment I will ever make in this lifetime because it pays in dividends exponentially.”

Question Highlights:

• How were you taught to view money?

• What actions are you taking right now to overcome challenges?

• When did you start your business? How did you make the transition from your existing career to your own business?

• What has changed since your business started that has allowed your business to grow so quickly?

• What has been the best investment you’ve made so far?

• What role has generosity played in your life/business?

• What are some of the BS reasons that hold other mom’s back from pursuing their calling?

Amber’s Thoughts…

“Our bank accounts and our bodies are really truly these beautiful mirrors for where we are at with our relationships and ourselves.”

“We must operate at a higher level and clear the space and clutter that’s not making us feel good in order to become the master visionaries, creators and leaders that we are.”

“The more I honor what I feel called to and what I am the very best at, the more abundance and goodness there is in my business, bank account, how my body feels and relationships.”

“I will always bet on myself.”

“Give people permission to be who they are.”

“By you stepping into your truth and doing the work that’s in alignment with your soul’s purpose and calling, you are making the world a better place. When you don’t do that, and shut the door out of fear, then you shut the door on the expansion and growth of mankind.”

Amber Lilyestrom is a transformational branding & business strategist, writer and speaker. She is the host of The Soul Fueled CEO™ Podcast and helps entrepreneurs turn their passions into heart-centered brands and thriving businesses.
From idea conception to the construction of the business and its digital landscape, Amber supports visionaries, leaders and disruptivators in changing the world and their lives.
Amber spent 10 years working in collegiate athletics marketing, managing the University of New Hampshire Wildcats brand, as well as teaching sports marketing and mentoring student interns. She was recognized as one of the top sports marketing professionals in the nation.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How Amber overcame her limiting money mindset beliefs.
  • Why there is more than enough time in your day to fulfill your soul’s purpose.
  • Why it’s so important to teach what you’ve already went through.
  • How the role of generosity plays in Amber’s life and business.
  • Why you are good enough RIGHT NOW to go after your soul’s calling.
  • How stepping into your own truth and doing the work that’s in alignment with your soul’s purpose can make the world a better place.
  • And so much more…

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