Fuc#*ng GOOGLE It!


First off, pardon my French, but I really felt the need for an emphasis, a real punch-in-the-gut phrase to drive this episode’s message home.

One of my recent pet peeves (that completely blows my mind) is when people say they don’t know how to do something or how to get started. I politely call BS!

“We live in the easiest time to start a business and thrive that there has ever been.”

Information is abundant and it’s at our fingertips – you just have to effing Google it! If you want to learn how to launch an eCourse – Google it! You will no doubt find tons of information – videos, step-by-step tutorials – you name it.

“There’s not a single thing you can’t learn on Google.”

Now I’m not saying all of the things you find are going to be your best answer (perhaps leave surgery for a REAL surgeon?), however it is so FREEING! You no longer have to let this notion stop you in your tracks. And let’s be honest, in this day and age, if you’re not making progress in your business because you don’t know how, you’re just letting fear win.

“You’re driving that fear train to victimhood.”

Stop being a victim and letting fear win. Don’t be afraid to take that step forward. Give up the comfort of playing the victim and asking for someone to help you. Again, I’m not saying any of this to be mean – I simply care about my listeners and want them to wake up!

Three takeaways from this episode:
1. Wake up and realize that you can do ANYTHING!
2. If you didn’t know before, all of the answers are on Google.
3. Take action. Don’t allow limiting beliefs or fear to slow you down.

Don’t live behind the shield of “I don’t know how” or “I couldn’t find the help.” Sure, it’s comfortable and that’s because most of society goes along with that mentality, but it’s NOT the truth.

The truth is if you want to do something… you can fuc#*ing Google it.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Taking action
  • Finding answers on Google
  • Information abundance
  • Entrepreneur

Resources Mentioned:

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