What Heartbreak Taught Me About Money


I’m going to be sharing a personal story about what I discovered about myself and what I was reminded of when I had to put our dog, Waffles, down last week. Don’t worry, it’s a positive and upbeat episode, because some of the things I realized about having wealth and choice, what it can do for you in tough situations, and the things I learned about how to show up in the face of adversity are all great lessons. I wanted to get personal and share them with you, because I know they will be a great value in your life.

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How loss can shut you down
  • The thing you can do before and during personal tragedy
  • Sticking to your habits through adversity
  • Sticking with your commitments
  • Having the right people around to support you.

Resources Mentioned: