You Were Put Here To Be Noticed


In case you didn’t know, or someone hasn’t told you recently: You were put here to be noticed. You were put here with a purpose. Our families, friends, and teachers meant well, but they have us all programed to be afraid of standing out, which makes you miss out on sharing YOUR gifts with the world. Are you trying to pursue your calling, but aren’t gaining the traction you see everyone else getting? In many cases, this is because you’re saying one thing, yet doing another. You want to help people? Do you want your service to be noticed? Then you need to get over your fear of standing out. Stop whispering, start shouting.

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How you have been taught to not stand out + how it’s hurting your business
  • Why you aren’t getting the growth in your business while others are
  • Having a heart of service
  • An example of showing up from my mastermind
  • How you can start showing up and allow yourself to be noticed NOW

Resources Mentioned: