Radically Change Your Life in One Year with Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley


Today I’m sitting down with Charlie “The Rocket” Jabaley, and you guys, this may be one of the most inspiring episodes I have had this far. Charlie Jabaley was once a highly successful music manager for celebrity recording artists, but decided to walk away from it all when he realized it was leading to an unhealthy future. Since then, Charlie has biked across the United States, lost 130 pounds, and lives a more full and healthy life all around.

We go deep into why Charlie left his business to pursue better health, and the different ways he went about creating goals, training for an IronMan, and biking across the country. Charlie also talks about creating the vision of Charlie Rocket, how he manifests change, and why it’s so important to give back.

This episode is so incredible, and serves as a great reminder that we can strive for wealth in all aspects, not just monetary.

Question Highlights:

  • What career background did you come from before your transformation?
  • How were you so successful in some aspects, but so lost in others?
  • What did you have to leave behind in order to begin this new life?
  • What sparked biking across America? What was that like?
  • Where did this drive for generosity come from?
  • What did money mean to you before this journey, and what does it mean to you now?
  • What has made you choose to be so transparent?


“Boil pots of water, not lakes.”

“I just want to live a great story.”

“Too many people in this world are “you should” people, they get up on stages or they get on Youtube or Instagram and they say, “You should do this, you should do that,” and I never say those words, you should.”

“See, money is going to magnify who we are.”

“Nobody is going to believe in you until you get down the road, so you’ve gotta have this delusional optimistic mindset.”

Charlie Jabaley wasn’t your typical kid from Georgia (United States). Sometimes labelled, “the chubby kid”, Charlie was a dreamer. Knowing that he needed to use his imagination as a weapon to survive the playground, Charlie created his first persona, CEO Charlie. He had other ideas. Like pursuing the life of an athlete. But, that had to wait.

As a young CEO millionaire of Atlanta Hip-hop management company, Street Execs, he sold millions of records, changed the trajectory of how to market to millennials, and guided the careers of influential artists like Grammy award winning 2Chainz. However, while all the success was pouring in, he battled depression, binge eating, crippling insecurities and a brain tumor. To everyone on the outside, CEO Charlie was crushing it. On the inside, he was dying. Unhealthy, unhappy and unfilled, Charlie retired in 2017 at the age of 29 from both the music industry and the name “CEO Charlie”. He made the decision to reinvent his life in pursuit of his childhood dream to become an athlete.

Charlie Rocket inspires those around him. He’s lost 135 pounds. Became vegan. Ran 3 marathons. Reversed the growth of his brain tumor. Became an Ironman. Just finished his nationally known Dream Machine bike tour across America. Is currently on the cover of Runner’s World Magazine and secured partnership with Nike. Charlie has rerouted his ambition of making millions of dollars into his current mission to TRANSFORM 1 MILLION PEOPLE’S LIVES.

His name is Charlie Jabaley. His story isn’t over yet.

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Having it all and not being happy
  • Being successful yet feeling lost
  • Charlie writing a contract with himself
  • What he left behind in order to start his new life
  • Biking across America
  • Charlie’s love of generosity
  • Money mindset
  • Why Charlie values transparency
  • Being a delusional optimist

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