Intentionally Seek the Good in Everything


Today I’m going to let you in on a secret hack that I believe accounts for all facets of my success – in all areas of my life.

“Seek the good in everything.”

OK, I get it. This sounds really basic and is not a unique concept, but it’s a game-changer. Here’s a short story. A friend recently shared an article about a person who has given $10,000 to different people a handful of times. This particular instance showcased a waitress being left a $10,000 tip. Later the video they captured of the act was shared on YouTube to promote their brand. My friend told me, “what a shame that they’re using this for self-promotion.” Now, if you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I likely wouldn’t call this part out about the situation. What I would call out is the fact that these people gave someone who likely needed it, $10,000 because I tend to see the positive of the situation.

My friend and I went back and forth on this, but what’s your take on it? Do you see the good in the situation or are you quick to find the potential negative?

“You have to intentionally seek the good in every situation in order to get good results.”

When something bad happens to you, do you go into victim mode (“Poor me, why does this always happen to me?”) or do you find the growth and education that can come from such moments? Now, everyone is free to think whatever thoughts they want, but I can tell you from personal experience that seeking the good will net more success in your life.

So let’s say you’re the person who does tend to see the more negative side of things. I challenge you, for 30 days, to try looking for the good. It is possible to re-train your brain to think positively. Here are a few tips to help:

  • Decide you’re willing to try this concept to start seeing the positive.
  • Come up with a mantra. Something along the lines of, “I seek the good in everything I come across.”
  • Catch yourself when you gravitate toward a negative though and quickly reframe it! This is crucial in training your brain to see the positive.

I think you’ll find that once you’re able to see more of the positive, more success and opportunities in all areas of your life will follow.

“People want to lock arms with people who see the possibilities of the world – not the hurdles.”

If you accept the challenge, please be sure to let me know over on Instagram! I can’t wait to be blown away with all the positivity!

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