How to Beat Perfectionism


Today I’m speaking on a topic that is all too familiar to me and that is perfectionism. I’ve had so many missed experiences because I was so worried about what people thought and what I really should have been worrying about is getting results. I can’t even imagine how many opportunities I’ve missed out on just because it wasn’t “perfect” in my eyes.

While I still experience small instances that pop up on occasion, know that everything I share with you is from my own personal experiences and will help you eliminate some, if not all, your perfectionism tendencies as well. I know it may seem difficult now, but I assure you that it’s not as bad as you think. Just take it one step at a time.

“Your dreams are counting on you to get over your perfection and start taking action.”

  1. Face and acknowledge your perfection. It’s necessary for you to feel the pain so you are spurred to take action.
  2. Declare it to the world – especially to those people who you’re afraid to tell. Declare that you’re going to change your habits. Heck, tag me @chriswharder so I can cheer you on!
  3. Start talking more out loud about your fears and mistakes. You’ll be surprised at the response of those who want to support you and also hear how you overcame any mistakes or learned from them.
  4. Choose to become more committed to action over perfection. And make sure to reward yourself – in a big or small way – for taking that action. Chart your actions even if they’re imperfect (that’s the idea). Make it your new, imperfect normal.
  5. Make a list of why you are epic just the way you are. Think of it as another form of gratitude practice. Do it daily, weekly etc. – but make it a regular practice so it gets locked in. Take it a step further by making a list of 20 people who you love or look up to in your life and next to their name, write a mistake they’ve made. Review and notice that you still love them despite their flaws.
  6. Read more biographies of big names who you look up to and you’ll realize that all of them have made a disastrous mistake one time or another and they still were successful.
  7. Give yourself hard deadlines. Get comfortable with releasing something – whatever it is – even if it’s not perfect. You can always tweak or make changes later.

“Stop getting ready to get ready.”

If you practice even a couple of the above habits consistently, I know you’ll be able to smash through the confines of perfection not only in business but in ALL areas of your life. Now, go take action!

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Being paralyzed by perfectionism
  • Steps to help eliminate perfectionism
  • Taking action regardless if you’re ready or not

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