Who Should Have The Power? The Good Guys or The Bad Guys?


I’ve been wanting to talk about today’s topic for a while and am excited to dive into whether or not the statement “Money is power,” is true. And if it is true, who should have the power? The good guys or the bad guys?

First off, I do believe that money is power because we all get an opportunity to “vote” with our dollars. The more money you have, the more say you have. People with more money are often looked up to more as a guiding example and they tend to have more of a responsibility with that power as well. They’re leaders and they don’t hoard their power, they share it. The only catch? We want power in the hands of good people who are going to do the above.

This same principle is shared in the book, “The Traveler’s Gift” by Andy Andrews. Here are a couple of his quotes that sum it up nicely and also mirror a good portion of the For the Love of Money philosophy, too

“To do great deeds, great power is essential.” – Andy Andrews

“If money is power, do not run from power. Gather it as you would the finest fruit. Power in the hands of a good person is like a drink of water on a hot summer day. It refreshes everyone with whom it comes in contact with.” – Andy Andrews

Andy goes on to describe that there are three different levels of power:
1. Those who have enough money and power to get by
2. Those who make enough to make things more comfortable for their families and sometimes a few others
3. Those who make enough to change the world. They ignore what’s popular and do what’s right to lead hundreds and thousands of others toward the right thing.

We all have the capacity to do more, but so many of us fear it. I encourage you to stop being afraid to step out and grab that power! And similar to what my podcast says every week:

“Grab your power and use it for good!”

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Whether or not money is power
  • The book, “The Traveler’s Gift”
  • The three levels of power

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