What You Have TODAY Does Not Determine TOMORROW’S Abundance


If you’re experiencing feelings of lack, scarcity or worry right now, I hope my message today helps free you:

“Your abundance tomorrow is not determined by what you have today.”

We all have these feelings at one time or another, whether we’re super successful or barely making ends meet – and that’s OK! But we must do our best to get back into an energy of abundance by taking one step forward (big or small).

Today, you may not have what you want, but I bet you have a great idea and some skillsets that could help you put it into action. You never know what tomorrow will bring… Maybe with the help of another thriving individual, you’ll put it into action and have a major breakthrough, but you have to keep taking action.

Because there’s only one thing that will create the abundance for you…and that’s YOU! It’s up to you to go just one more step further than you already have.

“Your future is in your hands.”

Take 100% responsibility for where you are today. Yes, the good and the bad. This may feel either frustrating or empowering, but by taking responsibility, you have control of your life. You receive the blame and the credit no matter what.

Sure I’m abundant right now, but Lori and I had our down-and-out moments too. There’s nothing special about me. I have a few talents and a whole lot of gaps to go with it. That’s why it’s up to the individual to fill in those missing gaps and take action to fill them.

We are all just one step, one moment away from finally creating the abundance we want tomorrow. It’s just up to us to go and grab it! Are you ready? You’ve got this.

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  • Why abundance is not determined by what you have
  • The one thing that determines your abundance
  • Taking 100% responsibility for where you’re at

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