How to STAND OUT to Stand Up for Your Message


I’ve been noticing lately that there are just too many people who are invisible that need to be seen and share their message with the world. Have you noticed that? Do you ever feel invisible? Perhaps while being an onlooker you wonder how someone’s business is killing it, but you question why or how they’re doing it. Here’s one of the main reasons… they STAND OUT!

Full honesty, it’s hard to stand out today. There’s so much going on in social media and there are so many people doing similar things, so you need to find a unique way to get noticed.

“Crack the code and find out how to stand out to get your message heard.”

It’s all about grabbing someone’s attention by flashing something “shiny.” Lori and I sometimes call it the “bait and switch.” For example, Lori will show an image of herself that shows her abs, but instead of talking about fitness she’ll talk about self-development and what she’s passionate about teaching. It’s all about getting people to take noticed and then teaching or telling your message.

If you don’t want to be invisible, it’s imperative that you stand out. And this doesn’t just apply to social media, it applies to everyday life, too. Make sure what you’re putting out there not only gets you noticed, but supports your message.

“If you don’t catch people’s attention, your great efforts to create impact will not be seen.”

Here are a couple tips to help you get started:

1. Get resourceful. This means ZERO excuses. It’s not about what you have, it’s about using what you’ve got. It’s about everything that makes you, YOU – your unique style, manners, sense of humor etc.

2. Stop being so humble! Nobody is SEEING you. Stop worrying what other people are going to think and share your message. The right people will see it – trust in this.

It’s time for you to stand out in order to stand up! What are you going to start doing RIGHT now to start standing out for your message today? I can’t wait to hear and see just how you’re going to grab all of our attention!

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  • Why it’s so hard to stand out today
  • What it means to “bait and switch”
  • How to get noticed

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