Who Are You NOT To??


While on Lori’s book tour I’ve found myself in a state of awe watching Lori serve others over the past couple weeks – even when sick. Yep, she was sick and still showed up and rocked the stage to help others make lasting changes in their lives.

So it got me to thinking… With all these people in the room, including myself, I realized that ALL of us are capable of doing that based on the gifts we were given. We all have unique talents that we can use to create a solution for people in pain.

“You have a responsibility to get over yourself and do this.”

Set aside those nerves, your worry about what others will think etc., and start serving. Can you imagine what this world would look like if every person had a solution to someone else’s problem?

So I ask you, who are you not show up and serve your solution? Keep in mind that everything is an energy exchange. Many people use money as that energy source, but it’s not always the case.

“When you gift your solutions to other people’s problems you are gifting them energy.”

And by pushing out your energy/solution to more and more people, you have the potential to become wealthy. Don’t let others suffer when you have a solution they need.

So get out there, show up and serve others with your talents!

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Chris’ revelation while on Lori’s book tour
  • Serving others and creating a solution for their problems
  • Why everything is an energy exchange

Resources Mentioned:

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