How TIPPING Can Make You Rich


What are your tipping habits? Do you give more depending on the level of service you get? What if I told you that your tipping habits actually have more to do with your abundance and wealth than you think?

I learned my tipping habits years ago from my parents who were very generous tippers – no matter what the level of service was. And this stuck with me up until this point and I know it’s only helped boost my success (and in general, my happiness).

“The way you tip someone is not a reflection of the job they’ve done, it’s a reflection of how you feel about money.”

Let’s not forget about all the happiness/time-saving after effects of tipping well. At restaurants, because I’m known for my generosity, I’m seated faster, get better service and tend to get a lot of extras that other people don’t get. When I valet park (at least once a week), my car is always parked close and I’m able to get my car parked even when the lot is full. When I’m generous, I’m saving both money and time, which leaves me happier and with better energy.

So let’s try to shift your view of money (if it’s needed). If the service was bad, don’t use the lack of a tip as punishment. Instead, use it as an opportunity to show the particular person a different view of money. If they were having a really crappy day, wouldn’t an awesome tip help turn it around? YES! And what’s more, you’re sending a message to the universe that you have an abundance of money. Let’s take that one step further… when you tip well you’re actually boosting the economy. You pay more, but then the other person has more to spend, too.

No matter which way you look at it, you create a ripple effect when you tip well. What kind of example could you set by showing others how abundant you are with everyone? Who can you inspire? I would love to hear all about your generous tipping habits!

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  • How your tipping habits can make you rich
  • Where Chris learned his tipping habits from
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