Momentum Hack! How to Get It, and Keep It!


Today we’re talking about momentum – how to get it, keep it and get more of it.

“Momentum is the hardest thing to gain, the easiest thing to lose and the most valuable thing to have.”

This above statement says it all… So much so that I could safely leave it at that, but of course I’m going to elaborate a bit.

Momentum is something that everyone seeks in business. It’s that magical feeling when everything is going your way, the money and customers keep appearing – it’s explosive. And it honestly should be the goal for everyone when it comes to everything they’re doing – life and business. But it can be elusive and hard to hang on to.

See, momentum can be the savior or killer of your business or success. So many people never hit that momentum because they either give up right before it hits or they let it die after hitting it. It’s all about finding the delicate balance between finesse, effort, time investment and a little bit of miracle worked in.

“Momentum must be carefully cultivated in order to get it and then persistently preserved once you have it.”

So to help you create and keep that momentum I’ve come up with a few hacks to guide you:

1. To gain momentum, you must be consistent. Consistency is more valuable than effort. Think about it, a little every day will always beat a giant push and then nothing.

“Momentum rewards the consistent.”

2. Have a plan. “You must do the right work at the right time in the right direction.” You can’t aimlessly wander your way into momentum. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and get a “map” to help guide you.

3. Once you get it, hold onto it.

“Do the same amount of work it took to get it that it does to keep it.”

Whatever it takes, steer your momentum in the right direction. If that means hiring more people or delegating – do it!

There is no substitute for the effects and rewards of momentum – it rocks. It makes all your efforts worth it and so much more rewarding. But you must keep it rolling! And of course when that momentum is in high gear you’re success takes off with it.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why momentum is the most valuable thing to have
  • Why momentum is the killer and saver of all businesses and success
  • Three hacks to help you get momentum and keep it

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