A Work-Life Balance Lesson from a 6 Year Old with Mel Abraham


There’s a lot of talk in the entrepreneurial world about maintaining a work-life balance, and today’s guest, Mel Abraham, talks about the defining moment that made him focus on what that term really meant. A CPA by education, he was pushed out of a firm partnership and did what anyone would do… He dug his heels in and worked countless hours to keep profits coming in so he could support him and his son. However, when his then 6-year-old, Jeremy, drew a picture of his dad surrounded by computers and phones while working, he knew something had to change.

Today it’s no longer about the myth of work-life balance – it’s about finding work-life harmony so his entrepreneurial dream can coexist with the responsibility and gift of being a father.

Mel has a way of breaking down and simplifying this complicated topic so we feel connected to those we care about and our businesses at the same time. He also drops some serious, game-changing knowledge on marketing and intellectual property that you don’t want to miss.

Question Highlights:
o What’s one of your superpowers?
o What is one regret you have?
o Who is someone who has changed your life?
o What is something generous you’ve done lately?
o After you realized your son only thought of you working, what did you do next?
o Why do people tend to abandon their why or their above the line stuff?
o What’s the common thread between you and your friends that makes you such success stories?
o What role has generosity played in your success?
o Why do you think some people have a hard time asking for help?
o What’s the most common cause of people getting stuck?
o What do you teach at your academy that’s so unique?
o How did you view money growing up?

Mel’s Thoughts…

“If my greatest success was raising my son as a single, full-time dad, then I did OK when I was here.”

“Work-life balance is a myth. It’s about getting work-life harmony.”

“My son didn’t need the profits, he needed the presence.”

“The more we can make people feel more connected, the more people feel cared about, the more we all grow and get better from it.”

“Give because it’s the right thing to do.”

“If you have the ability, you have the responsibility.”

“There’s an audience for every perspective.”

“Marketing doesn’t matter if your positioning is correct.”

“It wasn’t about the wealth, it was about the richness and peace of mind I could get.”

“I want to create experiences for the people I serve at the level I want.”

MEL ABRAHAM is the author of The Entrepreneur’s Solution: Getting the Mind – Set & Mechanics of a Millionaire and Founder of Business Breakthrough Academy where he works with entrepreneurs and business owners to create, grow and optimize their businesses so that they can create a life of impact, meaning and financial freedom.

Mel is a CPA by education but an entrepreneur by exhilaration. This unique combination of advisor and
entrepreneur has allowed Mel to build numerous successful businesses for himself as well his clients.
As the CEO of a strategic consulting services firm, Mel has helped entrepreneurs; businesses and management teams across the country create meaningful, mission – driven careers/ventures. As an inspiring leader and in – demand international speaker, trainer and mentor, Mel has trained thousands of people to change the way they think about, business, money and wealth. His goal is to assist them combine the practical elements of business tactics and strategies with the psychological essentials of the
entrepreneurial mind to more effectively execute their vision and establish a meaningful legacy.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The moment that caused Mel to improve his work-life balance
  • Time-blocking to do more reflecting, connecting and rejuvenating
  • Connecting with people on a level where they feel they’re cared about
  • Why it’s so important to protect your intellectual property
  • Why Mel thinks indecision is dangerous
  • Why there is no competition to your unique view (just competitors)
  • Recognizing that everything we create has value
  • The significance of the photo Mel included in his book
  • And so much more…

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