Ed Mylett’s Secret To Happiness & Success


Lori and I are joined by the legendary entrepreneur, speaker, and performance coach Ed Mylett to talk about his latest book, The Power of One More, and so much more. We discuss overcoming limiting beliefs from his unstable childhood, rethinking the 24-hour day, and his top tips for staying present and enjoying the downtime when you’re addicted to achieving like we are. He breaks down his strategy of ‘one more’ that’s helped transform his relationship with pain and achieve so much success. We also get into the impact that intention and faith have on his life, plus what readers can expect to learn from his new book. 


Episode Highlights:

( 1:10 ) Welcome back to another episode of The Chris Harder Show. Today, Chris and Lori are joined by Ed Mylett. 

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( 6:05 ) Ed joins the conversation. 

( 8:32 ) Lori asks Ed, “What were some of the beliefs that you had growing up that you had to overcome in order to be the person that you are today?”

( 11:06 ) Chris asks Ed, “Was there a time that you can look back on and realize, okay, I finally shed those insecurities, or do you still struggle with some today?”

( 14:34 ) Lori asks Ed, “What have you found that has been like a universal truth or habit of people that you have found who get what they want and reach their goals?”

( 19:12 ) Chris asks Ed what percentage of the high performers he’s worked with has achieved happiness. 

( 24:00 ) Lori asks Ed, “What would you tell somebody who is addicted to chaos or achieving, or following that goal, how do you actually enjoy the downtime?”

( 30:23 ) Lori asks Ed, “What are some things that you have scheduled for yourself, that you feel feeds everything else that you’re doing outside of working out and taking care of yourself?”

( 33:26 ) Lori asks Ed, “What happens when you’re actually viscerally experiencing anxiety or panic or going out on stage or doing new things in business? How do we find that equanimity?”

( 37:58 ) Chris asks Ed, “Is there a sweet spot? Is there a moment where X number of dollars helps to really make somebody happier and really helps to bring them a better life?”

( 44:06 ) Lori asks Ed, “Why do you think it’s important for people to show up for their purpose and to chase that next evolution of themselves? What have you seen happen if people don’t do that?”

( 51:00 ) Chris asks Ed, “How does the power of one more play into your faith?”

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Successful people
are willing to do
inconvenient and
difficult or hard
things at a faster
pace and more
frequently than
unsuccessful people.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The surprising role that money plays in your happiness 
  • A simple but effective way that Ed has transformed the standards that he holds himself to 
  • The genius time management strategy that Ed teaches to the elite performers that he works with
  • The unexpected difference between successful and unsuccessful people
  • How Ed is finding more equanimity and peace in his life
  • What the Reticular Activating System is and how you can change your reality by harnessing it
  • Why it’s important for people to show up for their purpose and chase the next evolution of themselves
  • The power of taking a step based on intention

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