Avoid These Three Mistakes For A Brighter Financial Future


One of my good friends Natalia Benson recently had me on her show to break down some of the barriers that stop people from achieving financial freedom. I get into the three pieces of financial advice that I wish I would’ve taken seriously when I was younger and explain exactly how you can start applying those lessons to your life today. 

I also share what to do if you want to transform your current financial picture and create a solid foundation for investing. Natalia is an amazing example of what it looks like to take advantage of economic shifts and put the work into yourself and your business, so you don’t want to miss this conversation!


Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions:

(1:06) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show.

(4:41) Natalia asks Chris, “Can you tell us a little bit of your story?”

(8:31) Natalia asks Chris, “I want to touch on something that you just said about how you can’t out earn bad financial habits. Can you explain that?”

(10:44) Natalia asks Chris, “What is a recession? And how can we understand it in a way that just makes sense?”

(15:05) Natalia asks Chris, “Why do you think that we think about The Great Depression when we think of the recession?”

(20:52) Natalia asks Chris, “What would you say to someone who’s just kind of a little bit stuck in fear?”

(25:18) Natalia asks Chris, “What are three pieces of financial advice you wish you knew sooner?” 

(34:08) Natalia asks Chris, “What would you say to someone who is looking at their numbers and they don’t love what they see?” 

(41:57) Natalia asks Chris, “What is a place you could send us to help us get started with the conversation around investing so we can really capitalize on compound interest?”

(46:06) Natalia asks Chris, “Tell us a little bit of the power of dollar cost averaging.”

(52:55) Chris asks listeners to share the podcast and leave a 5-star review. 

People are looking for
answers. And if you
have the solution to
those answers, you
can make an incredible
living by helping
people through that
tough time.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How I started to change my money mindset after hitting my financial rock bottom in 2009
  • Strategies for monetizing the economic changes happening right now 
  • Tools for gaining insight into your spending habits 
  • Tangible ways to take the fear out of your financial situation 
  • Why you don’t need to know everything about the stock market in order to start investing 

Resources Mentioned: