5 Ways To Have An Extraordinary Life


I got a question from a listener recently about how in the world Lori and I manage to run successful businesses, and also have time to live a fun, extraordinary life. I’m lifting the curtain on what works for us and sharing the five different strategies that we use to keep up with our income goals without sacrificing our free time. I get into why our morning routines are so crucial, how we determine when to cut out time-consuming income sources, and the three ways that we optimize our time. It’s all about understanding when to sprint, and when to flow. Tune in to learn how you really can have it all. 


( 1:12 ) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show. Today, Chris is talking about how he and Lori manage their different businesses and have a great life at the same time.

( 3:17 ) Chris says, “The first thing you have to understand is the workload ebbs and flows.”

( 4:03 ) Chris’s first tip is to have protected time every morning to start your day off right. 

( 5:15 ) Chris says, “Number two, we literally pulled the plug on any time-consuming income sources that are either no fun, or didn’t generate X number of dollars.”

( 6:27 ) Chris says, “Number three, we don’t work on weekends.”

( 7:38 ) Chris says, “Number four, we do something called our summer slowdown.”

( 9:09 ) Chris says, “Number five is our team.” 

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It’s not a consistent
marathon; it’s a
series of sprints
and rests.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Establishing protected time for yourself every morning to get grounded and show up as your best version 
  • Establishing what your revenue floor is and cutting out any activities that don’t align with that 
  • How Lori and I manage to take most weekends off and have a summer slowdown 
  • My top tips for building an efficient team that you trust

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