3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Taking A Financial Stretch


How do you know when you’re stretching in a way that will make you level up, or if you’re just being fiscally irresponsible? There are three questions that Lori and I ask ourselves when we’re thinking about making a big investment. I break down what those three questions are and share measurable ways that can help you get really clear on your decision. I also share real examples of how we’ve used this system to radically change our lives for the better. 



(1:15) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show. Today’s episode is about how to know when you’re financially stretching in a way that will make you up level, or if you’re just being irresponsible and giving in to something that you want.  

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(4:32) Chris talks about how he and Lori started over in California while they were recovering from the 2008 recession. 

(7:16) The first question to ask yourself is: Will it really make me step up and perform better? Or am I using that as an excuse to just invest in something that I want to invest in? 

(8:05) The second question is: Is there a ceiling that it could force me to break? Are the factors in my favor to break that ceiling in the next 12 months? 

(9:29) The third question is: Are you able to still keep 12 months of available runway tucked away somewhere if you make this stretch?

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The whole point
of 12-months
of runway means
you've got that
money accessible
within 24-hours
if you wanted
to get your
hands on it

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How Lori and I decided to move to California and live in the ‘Bentley building,’ even though we were still recovering from The Great Recession 
  • Recognizing when you’re making excuses for irresponsible spending habits 
  • Why you want to have 12 months of liquid runway available at all times 
  • Tangible data to consider before making a big purchase 

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