3 Questions I’m Getting About The Economy


I answer the three most common questions that listeners have been sending me about the economy, and share my top tips for how to avoid all the negative rhetoric and fear mongering about an impending crisis. I’ve been getting alot of questions about the possibility of a recession, if we’re going to have the same housing catastrophe as we did back in ‘08/’09, and the sectors that Lori and I have been focussed on investing in. As always, I promise to be a beacon of truth and possibility in these uncertain times, so tune in to learn more about what’s really going on in the economy. 

Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions:

( 1:08 ) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show. Chris is answering the top three questions about the economy that he gets from listeners. 

( 2:12 ) Chris says, “The biggest thing I’m seeing that’s causing these questions is that there are too many doomsdayers out there.”

( 5:10 ) Chris says, “When you panic, you freeze. And when you freeze, you create your own micro economy, and you’re creating your own recession.”

( 5:26 ) The first question Chris answers is, “Is a recession coming for sure?”

( 7:23 ) The second question Chris answers is, “Is my house gonna tank in value like it did in ’08/’09? Are we going to have the same catastrophe all over again?” 

( 13:18 ) The third question Chris answers is, “I hear there’s a lot of opportunity in recessions and millionaires are made in recessions. I don’t want to miss this chance this time, so where should I be investing?”

( 15:26 ) Chris says, “It’s not a matter of these blue chip tech stocks being fundamentally broken. It’s not a matter of it’s not a matter of if they’ll come back, it’s a matter of when they’ll come back, and how dang high are they going to go?” 

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The rich would have
everything and everybody
else would have nothing.
That's what would
happen if we didn't
have these little resets
once in a while.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why a downturn is actually a normal and necessary part of the economic cycle 
  • How the home loan situation has changed since the early 2000s to prevent another extreme housing crisis 
  • Why I’ve got my eye on the tech sector and crypto 
  • What dollar cost averaging is and how I use that technique to take advantage of the dip in the stock market right now

Resources Mentioned:

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