2 Ways To Maximize Your Earnings


Peer pressure normally gets a bad rap, but it’s actually a great tool to hold yourself accountable. One of the greatest financial hacks is to open yourself up to other people’s skill sets, experience, and perspective. I recently learned about two ways that some friends of mine are using the power of peer pressure to maximize their earnings, take care of their money, invest intelligently, and hit their giving goals. I share what those strategies are and how you can apply them to your life today. 

Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions:

( 1:17 ) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show.

( 2:21 ) Chris talks about his friend’s annual dinner with other couples where they discuss their financial picture.  

( 6:08 ) Chris explains the TIGER 21 method where members do an annual portfolio defense. 

( 8:07 ) Chris says, “One of the greatest financial hacks to improve your situation is to use the power of other people’s perspectives.”

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Let peer pressure work
in your favor to help
you make those small
financial decisions
more common

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Rethinking peer pressure as a way to hold yourself to a higher standard 
  • Tools for becoming more transparent about your finances with trusted confidants 
  • Doing an unveiling of your financial picture annually or biannually with other like-minded people 
  • Why it’s helpful to do a ‘portfolio defense’ of your investments to uncover any blindspots or weaknesses 

Resources Mentioned:

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