Only Work With Those Who Leave You Enthusiastic


I encourage you to reconsider your standards and only work with people that leave you enthusiastic because you and your business deserve that greatness. Don’t tolerate mediocrity in your professional relationships. There is extreme value in surrounding yourself with collaborators that ignite your excitement and energy. Today, I share my advice for ways to seek out and demand extraordinary partnerships on every level of your business


Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions:

(1:13) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show. Today’s episode is about finding enthusiastic partnerships. 

(3:12) Chris discusses a recent call with his app developer. 

(6:58) Chris highlights the importance of having standards for the people you work with. 

(9:15) Chris encourages you to upgrade to a great and enthusiastic team. 

(10:28) Chris asks listeners to share the podcast and leave a 5-star review.

When you insist on
only working with
people that leave you
in an enthusiastic
state, that is when you
and your business will

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • An example of a collaborator that ignites my enthusiasm
  • Why it’s crucial to set high standards for collaborators 
  • Advice for demanding new ideas, value, and energy from meetings
  • Ways to upgrade your standards for enthusiasm and high talent

Resources Mentioned:

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