Why Being In Person Pays Off BIG


Do you feel like you’re missing a support system of like-minded people? Or your ideas aren’t being developed in the ways you’re picturing? In today’s episode, Lori and I encourage you to leave the house and embrace the power of being in person. We believe there is a collective energy in togetherness, and we’re providing specific examples of why sharing ideas while they’re hot in the room is so important. Plus, we break down the ways your unique perspective can add substantial value to the rooms you’re in. 



(0:59) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of The Chris Harder Show.

(2:52) Chris talks about the importance of being present in a room of collaborators. 

(4:35) Chris and Lori compare being in Zoom vs. being in person. 

(7:19) Chris and Lori give some examples for generating ideas in a group of people. 

(10:49) Lori explains how you can add value to the rooms you’re in or events you attend. 

(12:07) Lori and Chris highlight how attending events are a great way to grow your network.

When there are three
or more people, you
get to tap into an
energy that you
wouldn't typically get
if you were alone.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The collective energy of togetherness
  • The differences between being on a Zoom vs. in person
  • How you can add value to the rooms you’re in or events you’re at
  • The benefits your perspective brings to the table
  • Tips for cultivating your ideal support system

Resources Mentioned:

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