The Formula To Live The GOOD LIFE With Stevie & Sazan


It’s easy to look at influencers and think, man, that’s the good life. They get free products, they live in nice houses, drive beautiful cars, and they don’t have any financial stress. But, what people choose to show on social media is often the highlight reel and we’re not seeing the tough decisions and the bold moves that it takes to get to those perks. I’m joined by Stevie and Sazan Hendrix, two internet moguls who know all about that. 

Stevie and Sazan are redefining what it means to live the good life, embracing simplicity, and pulling back the curtain on what it’s really like to be a social media influencer. We talk about how they balance being both grateful for what they have and also hungry for more, and the three things they do to stay grounded in their chaotic world. They break down how they deal with harsh comments and emphasize the crucial role that their strong faith plays in their success. Stevie and Sazan also share inspiring stories about their family heritage and talk about the foundation of their cross-cultural relationship. 


Episode Highlights:

( 1:11 ) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show. Chris is joined by Sazan and Stevie Hendrix on today’s episode. 

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( 4:59 ) Sazan and Stevie join the conversation. 

( 6:23 ) Chris asks Sazan and Stevie, “What is your individual definition of a good life?”

( 12:44 ) Chris asks Sazan and Stevie, “How do you balance the idea of being present and grateful for where you’re at today, which is the key to a good life, with being a really ambitious person that also desires other accomplishments and building other things?”

( 21:25 ) Chris asks Sazan, “Can you talk to us about this difficult time you went through when you decided to get married and perhaps your family wasn’t all for it?”

( 32:56 ) Chris asks Sazan, “Share with us the reality of making a career out of sharing your life and some of the things that you have to put up with for having a career like this.”

( 39:43 ) Chris asks Stevie and Sazan, “Where’s that sweet spot where you’re not pursuing so much that you’ve lost your way, but you also have enough where you don’t want for anything, either?”

( 47:17 ) Chris asks Stevie and Sazan, “What role has your faith played in you living a good life?”

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The good life is
the good fight.
It's about finding
those things that
are worth fighting
for and never
letting go.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Finding ways to protect your peace when you’re an online figure 
  • Recognizing the beauty in the ordinary and living an intentional life 
  • Understanding that challenge and good can coexist at the same time 
  • Expressing compassion for people who spread hate
  • The sweet spot where you’re you’re not pursuing so much that you’ve lost your way, but you also have enough where you don’t want for anything
  • Stevie’s number one piece of advice for financial freedom
  • How Stevie and Sazan stay rooted in their relationship to God

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