Lessons Learned As A Couple With Katrina And Brian Scott


Our friends Katrina and Brian Scott join us on this special He Said She Said episode! We look back on the beginning of our relationship, major turning points in our marriage, and open up about our fertility journey. This conversation really has us reflecting on the moments that have made us and what keeps us together during challenging times. Katrina and Brian share some of the ups and downs of their 20+ year relationship and the lessons they’ve learned along the way, too. 



(2:09) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of The Chris Harder Show. Today, Chris and Lori are joined by Katrina and Brian Scott 

(4:15) Katrina asks Lori, “Tell everyone how you met.” 

(15:16) Chris shares what’s gotten him and Lori through challenging times. 

(19:47) Chris emphasizes the importance of matching your actions with your promises. 

(27:01) Katrina asks Chris, “How did you sit with your shame? And how did you come out of it?” 

(29:52) Chris and Lori talk about their introduction to personal development. 

(33:39) Lori talks about how her friendships have grown from being vulnerable and allowing herself to be supported by other people.  

(38:30) Lori and Chris share how Katrina and Brian set the bar for other couples.  

(44:42) Chris and Lori highlight examples of how a bold leap of faith can pay off. 

(51:34) Katrina asks Lori, “Can you share your Power 9 routine with Brian?” 

(55:13) Katrina asks Lori, “I’d love to talk to you guys a little bit about your fertility journey.” 

It'll absolutely pay
dividends when you do
brave things.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why we believe hitting rock bottom is one of the best gifts we’ve ever been given
  • Our introduction to self-development work and the event that changed our lives 
  • Deepening your relationships in vulnerable moments 
  • Examples of how a bold leap of faith pays off (often in unexpected ways) 
  • Navigating the struggles we’ve been experiencing as we try to expand our family 

Resources Mentioned:

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