How To Problem Solve Your Business Challenges With Jim Carter And RT Custer


Today, I’m joined by entrepreneurs and the powerhouse duo behind Carter & Custer, Jim Carter III and RT Custer. Jim and RT share how they overcame some of their biggest business challenges and what they have planned for the next iteration of Fast Foundations Mastermind. 

RT explains how his watch company Vortic came out on top of a 6-year lawsuit against industry giant Hamilton. His passion and belief for upcycled watches kept him fighting when everyone around him, including his first attorney, advised him to give up and file for bankruptcy. Today, his case is an example of first use doctrine and the freedom to turn one man’s trash into another man’s treasure. 

Jim has always been a behind-the-scenes tech guy, but felt driven to use his expertise and transform the non-profit space. Jim shares the story of how he bridged the gap between blockchain and charity, and eventually raised $1 million for Pencils of Promise by facilitating a donation from an anonymous philanthropist who wanted to spend his Bitcoin wealth. 

Not only are Jim and RT co-founders of their agency, but they’ve teamed up to buy Fast Foundations from me and are making it bigger and better than ever. Listen in to hear more about their vision for the mastermind and take advantage of an amazing free opportunity they’re offering. 


Episode Highlights:

( 1:05 ) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show.

( 1:25 ) Chris gives some background on today’s guests, Jim Carter and RT Custer. 

( 6:07 ) RT goes into detail about winning the lawsuit against him, Hamilton v. Vortic. 

( 10:13 ) Chris asks, “How can you take that news and problem solve that bad news in itself?

( 12:14 ) Jim says, “One of the things I respect so much about RT, is that he didn’t need to implement a fix. He just needed to be so passionate to be able to find the way through it.”

( 14:12 ) RT shares how he solved advertising issues brought on by the lawsuit. 

( 17:35 ) RT concludes that he made it through by, “sticking with it, asking for help and creating the opportunity for luck and prosperity.”

( 18:06 ) RT explains how he won from a legal standpoint. 

( 22:35 ) Jim shares the story of how he raised $1 million for Pencils for Promise. 

( 28:29 ) Jim says that he solves problems by reverse engineering them. 

( 29:38 ) RT talks about his experience at his first Fast Foundations. 

( 32:26 ) Jim shares what he gained from his time at Fast Foundations. 

( 35:33 ) Chris asks, “How did you guys end up business partners and Carter and Custer?”

( 39:48 ) Chris asks Jim what problems they’ve solved by coming together in their agency. 

( 43:42 ) Chris asks what inspired them to buy Fast Foundations. 

( 45:36 ) RT shares some things that he and Jim are going to change about Fast Foundations. 

( 48:01 ) Chris asks, “Jim, any take on what you think is gonna be even better for this next round, as you guys carry this forward?”

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How RT fought and won a major trademark infringement and counterfeiting lawsuit 
  • Turning to organic marketing instead of relying on mainstream advertising and media 
  • How Jim helped nonprofits raise over $10 million in a matter of weeks by using blockchain technology 
  • The story of how Jim and RT teamed up to co-found Carter & Cluster 
  • The power of being together in a group mastermind setting 
  • What inspired Jim and RT to buy Fast Foundations 
  • The unique perspective that Jim and RT bring to masterminds

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