The Ingredients For A Happy Life!


It feels so good to be back in sunny California, surrounded by everything that makes us happy – the outdoors, the water, the hustle and bustle, and of course, those beautiful palm trees. And have you ever noticed how happy surfers always seem to be? We think they’ve figured out the perfect recipe for a happy life. They have community, exercise, daily challenges, and a constant drive to learn and improve. It’s an excellent reminder to make sure you’re incorporating those same ingredients into your routine. In this episode, we invite you to take stock of your life, identify which ingredients might be missing, and share our tips for filling in those gaps. So get out there and catch some waves towards your happiness!



(1:10) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of The Chris Harder Show

(2:13) Chris highlights that he’s never met an unhappy surfer because they have all of the ingredients for a happy life. 

(5:56) Lori elaborates on the importance of incorporating challenges into your daily life. 

(7:32) Chris invites you to take inventory of your life. 

(12:04) Lori wants you to figure out how to create your ideal life even if it feels out of your reality. (12:39) Chris introduces their dinner event series.

(15:13) Chris asks listeners to share the podcast and leave a 5-star review.

You can't have a happy life when it is totally void of any form of challenge.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Tips for engaging with people, making connections, and having conversations that ignite you
  • The easiest ways to boost your daily energy 
  • Why you should never shy away from challenges or learning opportunities
  • How to take charge of your happiness and overcome limiting beliefs

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