As evidenced by the incredible results in my Elite Entrepreneur Mastermind, carefully cultivating a safe space for fast growth and new ideas is my specialty. It is literally my favorite thing I do. I have figured out the right balance between bringing in the right teachers to bring you new game-changing ideas, while also creating the right exercises for you to do as a group in order to work on each other’s businesses. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s anyone who is running a mastermind simply because they can attract an audience, not because they know how to cultivate growth. Creating collaboration and creating new revenue for people is an art and one that I’m damn good at. Need more evidence? Lori and I, along with our COO Nick, have co-created four separate multi-million dollar businesses, and are investors in multiple others, and we’re an open book as we share everything that worked (and everything that DIDN’T work) with you so that you can learn from our journey and get there faster.