“You have the responsibility to be financially abundant.”

Please note, this is not a judgment – it’s merely a wakeup call. It’s like shopping… try it on for size. If it’s not a fit, I give you full permission to go back to your old way of living. There’s nothing wrong with that, I just think there can be better.

Given the gifts and talents that each one of us has been given, we have all the opportunities in the world to be unapologetically wealthy (you’ll hear me use this term numerous times throughout my entire podcast).

“I’ll be honest, I’ve played at 60% and 80% in my life before, too. But playing at 110% is the greatest feeling on the planet!”

You may be fearful of judgment. What will your closest friends and family think as you financially surpass them? WHO CARES!? Be the first to take the lead. You never know how many people are watching you and will grow themselves as they see YOU grow.

Here’s some food for thought. If you saw an elderly woman trip and fall on the sidewalk, would you help her up 60% of the way? Or would you go above and beyond and help 110%? I’ll let you think about it…

Now add that component to every part of your life, and watch the magic happen.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Success
  • Responsibility
  • Abundance
  • Showing Up
  • Impact

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