From Trailer Park to Tech Mogul – The Inventor of Face Filters Jeremy Greene


By all accounts, today’s guest and CEO of PingTank, Jeremy Greene, shouldn’t be running one of the most successful tech companies around. As a child who grew up poor, spent years in the foster care system and barely graduated high school, he was certainly not groomed to be an entrepreneur, but there was one difference… he had an innate sense to survive and hustle to get where he’s at today.

From a start in the music business to the face filters you see today in social media, Jeremy’s 8-Mile-esque story is mind-blowing. If you’re looking for an inside scoop on pitching your ideas and turning them into realities, Jeremy’s no-nonsense talk will set you straight about what works – and what doesn’t.

Question Highlights:
• Tell us how you got started in the music industry
• Why did you drop your career in music?
• Where did you get the posture to present yourself to billionaires?
• When you were figuring out how to be an entrepreneur, were there setbacks?
• What’s your best trait as an entrepreneur?
• How do you get people to say yes?
• Where did you get your huge financial thermostat from?
• Do you feel that you’re able to make a bigger impact because of your wealth?
• Where do you like to make an impact with your money?
• And more…

Jeremy’s Thoughts…

“I really understand that marketing plays a big aspect in everything you do in life.”

“If you could create and sell people on a product and you can build a good product, you could convince anyone to be a part of it.”

“Building a good company starts with building an amazing product first, marketing it right and giving people the fear of missing out.”

“You don’t learn anything until you have failures behind you.”

“If you want to disrupt anything, it starts with just being OK with the comfortability of you first. You can’t sell something to other people if you don’t believe it yourself.”

“Money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it makes you comfortable.”

“Money doesn’t define who you are and what you become. Where you grow up does not define where you’ll be one day. It’s OK to outgrow people, places and things.”

“You don’t need money to be successful. You have everything that’s built within you to be successful.”

“If you have money in the bank and you’re not helping people, you’re an a**hole.”

“Do what you love.”

Jeremy Greene is an American serial entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, California. He grew up in Maine. Greene was the number one musical artist on Myspace and ended up receiving record deals with P Diddy. He is the founder and chief executive officer of Mojiit. After his musical career ended Greene was inspired by The Social Network Movie to start a tech company and founded PingTank with a friend. Greene received publicity for his marketing stunts, including faking his arrest at a large party and then bringing out Tyga and Kylie Jenner for an impromptu performance. PingTank later did a deal with Facebook to be incorporated into Facebook Messenger. In early 2016, Green launced FwayGoApp, a party invitation and discovery application. In July 2017, he started Mojiit (Company).

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How Jeremy went from trailer park to tech mogul
  • How Jeremy got his start in the music business
  • Why Jeremy shifted his focus from music to technology
  • Why you must fail in order to succeed
  • The importance of instilling a fear of missing out mentality when pitching your product
  • What Jeremy’s new app Mojiit is all about
  • How one can make in impact without money
  • Why hustling is so important to get the money to build a bigger platform
  • Tips on how to part ways from people you’ve outgrown
  • And so much more…

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