Should You Borrow To Feel Abundant?


No one wants to be in debt, but is borrowing the only way to feel as if your finances are on the right track? 

I’ve noticed a trend with clients and people asking me about borrowing. Many are 6-7 figure entrepreneurs, so they’re not borrowing from scarcity of resources; instead, there is an emotional impulse to feel more abundant. 

Now, there is no air-tight rule that fits all borrowing scenarios. For instance, if you’re able to borrow at 2-3% and you can put that money aside for a rainy day, then I would categorize that as actively managing your money by moving assets around. Notice the subtle yet crucial difference between borrowing to feel abundant versus borrowing to be abundant. 

Let’s say you’re looking at your tier 1 assets, and you feel like you can kick back and relax – now that’s dangerous territory. When efforts slip in drive, consistency, and output, there are significant consequences. Just ask yourself: Do I work harder and create more when my back’s against the wall?

I bet your bottom dollar the answer is a resounding YES! 

I gave my successful client this perspective when she came to me feeling uneasy about the figure in her account. It was less than she was accustomed to, and she didn’t feel good about it. I encouraged her to lean into a sense of urgency to step into her full potential and create abundance. She fast-tracked the release of her bestselling program, and, now, she has exceeded her financial goals. 

Now it’s your turn. 

Borrow to be
more abundant,
not to feel
more abundant.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Recent trends in borrowing behavior 
  • How to use financial urgency as your secret weapon
  • Creating revenue streams to be abundant 

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