Why I’m Walking Away from Millions


When does it make sense to walk away from money? And not just a small payday, but a big, massive amount of money – especially for where you’re at in life. As someone who’s done it before and found great success (and who’s preparing to take that plunge again), I wanted to share what I’ve learned from the experience, why it makes sense for me, and why it could make sense for you as well.

Not too long ago, my wife, Lori, had an amazing personal development and fitness brand that was incredibly successful. She had it completely dialed in, but one day she felt a calling to create something bigger. She didn’t know what it was, but she needed the space to figure it out so we walked away from that massively successful business, and, in that space, she created Lite Pink. Her alcohol company was born. You can’t deny a calling, but you also have to allow yourself the opportunity to find it, and, sometimes, that means stepping away from something that’s already successful for you.

And now I’m getting ready to do it again. A few years ago, I lent someone whose business was in financial need some money, despite my “no loans” policy. Normally I wouldn’t do this, but something told me I should, and that small amount of money – which allowed him to make payments on his truck and keep his business running – meant he could continue to support his family. It made me realize that there is a need for peer to peer borrowing, without getting banks involved. A space where people in need can find generous loaning options. It’s going to change loaning forever, and it’s my calling. That means downsizing parts of my business that are already successful, but you can’t walk away from a calling.

You can always find
another way
to make money.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Taking time off to find your calling
  • Why I’m walking away from millions
  • Taking a step back in order to take a leap

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