How to Land Celebrity Investors with Mindright Chief Mood Officer, Chris “Bernie” Bernard


Chris Bernard – but you can call him Bernie – is the founder of Mindright Superfoods. He’s managed to get loads of celebrity investors to buy into his business and his passion, and he is crushing it when it comes to building brands and bringing products to life. We’re going to do a deep dive into what it takes and what it might cost to get a product off the ground. More importantly, he’s going to teach you how to do what he did – land celebrity investors – to launch your business like a rocket. And, of course, he’s going to share how he manages to balance a happy family life alongside all the hustle.


Question Highlights:

  • How were you raised?
  • What were the superpowers you got from your parents?
  • How did you get the idea for Mindright?
  • How long did it take to go from idea to product?
  • What’s your advice to someone who’s never launched a product on getting started?
  • How did you tap into the celebrity investor market?
  • What kind of margins should you be looking for?
  • How do you balance your home life and your business?
  • What can people do to make their habits stick?

Understand who
a big audience,
your product is for
and build a community
around them.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The role our nutrition plays in our mental cognition
  • Getting a brand off the ground
  • Finding celebrity investors
  • Developing strategic relationships
  • Focusing on your personal life as well as your business
  • Sticking with your successful habits

Resources Mentioned: