Rachel Cruze on How to Improve Your Financial Habits


Growing up as the daughter of the famous financial guru Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze hated budgeting. That is, until she discovered the freedom that budgeting provided when she started doing it for herself. Now she uses everything that she’s learned growing up to share fun, practical ways to take control of your money and create a life you love. She talks about her upbringing in a family that’s famous for providing financial advice and the pressures that come along with that, the four childhood classrooms that shape your view of money, tips for couples to avoid fighting over finance, and how to take that first step toward budgetary recovery when you can’t even bear to look at your finances. This is going to be a life-changer.


Question Highlights:

  • How does our childhood affect our view of money, and how did yours affect you?
  • How do we develop financial restraint?
  • What are some surprising ways we could free up some money?
  • Can you unpack how our money problems are usually a symptom of larger problems in our life?
  • What can couples do to be successful around money?
  • What can people do when they’re too scared to face their financial problems?


Your net worth
is not
your self-worth.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How our childhood affects our views of money
  • Building up financial restraint
  • Two surprising tips for freeing up money
  • Why money problems are often a symptom of life problems
  • Money tips for couples
  • Reframing money fear as a gift
  • The four childhood money classrooms
  • Moving from selfish to selfless

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