The #1 Reason Your Customers Aren’t Buying from You


Whether you’re an influencer, a coach, or running a brick and mortar business, every single one of you has customers to sell to. One thing that comes up again and again is when people believe they have a great product and that their branding is on point – even that their potential customers tell them they want it – but when it comes to the actual point of sale, they hear crickets. If this sounds like you, it will all be because of one thing you’re not doing well enough: giving your customers a clear command!

Here’s an example: I ride a Peloton bike a few times a week. Between sets, the instructor tells me, “Make sure you take a drink of water.” So I do! This seems inconsequential, but look at the details here. I’m thirsty. I have water. But still, I wait until the instructor tells me to drink. It compels me to take action because it isn’t a request.

Humans are trained to follow commands. Whether that’s good or bad is not the point here; the point is that it’s true. And you need to capitalize on your customers’ needs and desire for your product by giving them a clear instruction.

Every clear command is going to have these parts:

  • Location
  • Action
  • Result
  • Timing

When you do this, you will see a surge in sales. And finally, the customers that deserve your great product are going to start clicking “buy.” You just need to tell them to!

is a basic human need.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why your customers aren’t taking action
  • The power of a clear command
  • How to get immediate results

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