Business Lessons From My Friends


Of all the places I’ve picked up important business lessons, some of the most valuable have come from my close circle of friends. When you surround yourself with incredible people, the quality of conversation and the level of ideas that get shared will always amaze you. 

These dinner conversations are too good to be confined around our dinner table. I’m going to share some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from my friends so that you have the opportunity to grow your business and life as well.

  • People would rather learn from someone that they can relate to than from someone who seems out-of-touch. They believe that you’ve been through their journey more recently, hoping and assuming that you have the steps of that journey fresh in your mind.
  • Stacking your successes. Most people stack their failures by default, but imagine what would happen if we trained ourselves to recognize and stack our wins? If you notice your small wins every single day, you consciously put yourself on a winning streak.
  • Stop worrying about how messy it’s going to look at the start. On the other side of it is everything that you want. The mess never looks quite as bad as you think it does.
  • No matter how many things you want to teach, you must start by learning to teach one thing really, really well. Once you become known for that thing, and you’ve proven that you can teach it well, you have permission to start teaching anything else you want. Break through that wall, first.
  • Magnify your mission to become the person you are supposed to become. Tell people what you’re doing. Build your website. Share on social media.
  • Don’t let one person stop you from being seen, building a better life, or helping others. When you let your nerves stop you from posting, or sharing, or doing something new, it’s usually a response to just one or two hypothetical people. Look past them and focus on the audience that you are serving.

You are meant to live out the life of your dreams. You are meant for so much more. You are meant to live out your future as somebody who helps other people and lives an abundant life in return.

Magnify your mission
to become
who you are
meant to be.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The importance of relatability
  • Stacking success
  • Getting over the fear of starting
  • Becoming known for something
  • Magnifying your mission
  • Dealing with fear and criticism

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