Four Ways to Become a Money Magnet!


We were not always money magnets. In fact, both of us repelled money in different ways for much of our lives. It takes financial motivation AND education in order to both make money and hold onto it. We’re going to go over four things you can do to become a money magnet:

  • Clearing out the old to take your power back. When you’re blaming others, or your past, you don’t do the work to take ownership of your future. It’s your choice, alone, to clear out the old, unnecessary thoughts and beliefs holding you back.
  • Decide to become educated and motivated. One of the best ways to do this is through reading books and listening to podcasts — take advantage of free resources.
  • Curate and control your environment. Your environment, meaning the people, places, and propaganda you are surrounded by, have a huge impact on your mindset. The people in your life are either enforcing your dreams or unwittingly sacrificing them.
  • Reinforce your new patterns and beliefs. You need accountability partners. You need to measure what matters. You need to journal your actions and thoughts. Visualize where you want to be.

Everybody can do these four things. There are no barriers to entry other than doing the work. So follow these things and become a money magnet.

You are always
growing or regressing.
There is no
standing still.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Becoming a money magnet
  • Earned income vs. investment income
  • Blaming, complaining, and justifying
  • Writing new truths in your life
  • Improving your environment
  • Reinforcing your dreams

Resources Mentioned: