We’ve Rebranded! And Here are the Secrets Why!


Welcome to The Chris Harder Show! New name, same great mission as ever. I aim to give you every single tool, trick, and skillset you need to grow your business, your money mindset, and your wealth. Most importantly, I want you to become wildly unapologetic about your pursuit of success — because when good people make good money, they do great things.

So while our mission is the same, I’m adding to the toolbox even further… in order to get you to where you’re going faster.


Why We’re Rebranding

Times change, and you and your brand need to be able to keep up with that change to give people the value that they need. When I started For The Love Of Money, I wanted to focus solely on financial empowerment — a topic I still deeply care about today — but I knew that this was only going to expand over time.

At the beginning of building an audience for your brand, your goal is to make your niche as specific and succinct as possible, so people clearly know what you’re about and who you are for. But once you’ve gained a level of notoriety, and you begin to be recognized for more than just your central topic, you can start to branch out and help people even further.

If I’m going to accomplish my mission of bringing you to the next level financially, then I need to be able to teach you about more than just money mindset or a few tricks with your money. I need to be able to teach you to earn that money in a big, big way.

Now, as The Chris Harder Show, I can attract even more guests. I can get more people to share the show. I can have more of the conversations that I want to have. And this all adds up to one thing: More value for you.

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The path
of least resistance
is the path of
least payoff.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why we’ve rebranded
  • Why you need to niche down when first starting your business
  • When it’s time to rebrand
  • The shift that’s happening in our economy

Resources Mentioned: