Answering Your Questions from IG


We’re doing a quick Q&A, because there’s always time to fit in inspiration!


  • Best way to begin a business or side hustle when you don’t have the income yet?
  • What are some ways to manage overwhelm when you work 9-5 while building your side business?
  • I love being weird and having fun, but I find myself being so damn serious. Tips for focusing on the fun?
  • How do you plan for having a plan B or plan C if 2021 goes sideways?
  • How do I learn that happiness doesn’t come with a price? You can be happy and not owe anyone anything.

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Starting a business on the cheap
  • How to manage overwhelm
  • Making fun a priority
  • Why there’s only a Plan A
  • Fixing your limiting beliefs

Resources Mentioned: