From the Football Field to the White House with Anton Gunn


Anton Gunn is a renaissance man. He has done everything. At the core, he’s known as the leading authority on socially conscious leadership. He’s also the best-selling author of “The Presidential Principles,” which details what he learned as the former senior advisor to President Barack Obama. He met with the President regularly to help guide different policies, and we chat about his experience in the White House and the changes he had a part in. We also talk about leadership, diversity, and why both of those things are essential for massive growth.

Question Highlights:

  • Could you take us back to the time you were a disengaged team member trapped in a dysfunctional culture with a bad leader?
  • Could you share what a gold star brother is and tell us the significance of your brothers’ sacrifice?
  • What is socially conscious leadership?
  • What was it like working for President Obama and what was your biggest takeaway coming out of it?
  • Can you speak on the systemic challenges that Black entrepreneurs face?
  • Could you speak on the topic of “Black exceptionalism”?
  • How can we best support Black entrepreneurs?

Guest Bio:

Anton Gunn is a former senior advisor to President Barack Obama and the world’s leading authority on Socially Conscious Leadership. He has a master’s degree in Social Work from USC and was a Resident Fellow at Harvard. He is the bestselling author of The Presidential Principles and has been featured in TIME magazine, the Wall St Journal, INC Magazine, BBC, NPR and on Good Morning America.

As an international speaker and consultant, he has worked with organizations like Microsoft, KPMG, Vanderbilt Health, Sodexo, Verizon Wireless, Aetna, American College of Surgeons, Blue Shield of California, and the Boeing Company. From playing SEC Football and being the first African American in history elected to the SC legislature from his district early in his career, to now working as a leadership development consultant and serving on multiple boards, he has spent his life helping people build diverse high performing teams and world-class leadership culture.

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The importance of a high-functioning culture
  • The three questions that every customer will ask of your business
  • The value of how you treat and invest in people
  • What makes a 5% leader
  • The takeaways of working with President Obama
  • The challenges Black entrepreneurs face
  • The entrepreneurship of hip hop

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