Our Single Greatest Overhead


For the last handful of years or so, I’ve had a phrase/mantra that I’ve repeated to myself over and over:

“Ego is our greatest overhead.”

I attribute a large part of my wife and I’s financial abundance to this very phrase (it will be my next tattoo – hold me to it). There was a time not that long ago that my ego drove a lot of my decisions, in turn costing me…I don’t even want to know how much money and potential partnerships. There were so many missed opportunities because my ego sensed fear.

Yep, when we feel any type of fear – judgment, failure, not being accepted or success – ego slams on the brakes and “saves the day” before we do something really stupid and embarrass ourselves. But here’s the thing…

“Your ego isn’t programmed to choose the types of risks and decisions that are needed to achieve massive financial abundance.”

Speaking of finances, your ego will also encourage you to make bad decisions so you look successful instead of being successful. And who will want to help you if you already look like you know what you’re doing?

“You’ll never get ahead while you’re pretending to be ahead.”

So what do you do to calm your ego? Good news, it’s simple really (albeit challenging now and then). Recognize it (or often someone points it out to you). Once you’re aware, it’s just a matter of catching it in the act, recognizing it and reframing it.

Once you’re free of your ego, you’ll find that everything flows faster – relationships, income, happiness, opportunities, sales etc. And we could use a little more abundance and little less ego, right?

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  • How your ego is keeping you from abundance
  • Fear
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