Seven New Business Ideas for our New Normal


We live in a new world. I’m going to go over seven different businesses that will thrive in a post-COVID world. I wanted to share where I’m seeing the world shift to so those of you who have had to pivot or adapt will have some ideas. If you aren’t learning to shift, you are going to be left behind, so learn how to capitalize on the opportunities that are opening up every day, whether it’s one of these seven ideas or it gets your brain moving in the right direction.

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The seven businesses that will thrive in a post-COVID world
  • Why you need to pivot and adapt or risk being left behind
  • The importance of how you appear on video
  • The shift to online/personal education
  • The upcoming epidemic of mental illness
  • Becoming an expert in home offices

Resources Mentioned: