Should I Buy, Sell, or Rent in a Crisis Economy – with Lizy Hoeffer


We are going to talk about everything housing with Lizy Hoeffer, the #1 loan officer in America. We are facing one of the craziest economies any of us have ever experienced and we don’t know the truth of how it will unfold, but Lizy is the expert when it comes to all things housing and investing. So, if anyone knows how you should act during these times, it’s her. We discuss how we view ownership as an investment when you should buy a home, and when it makes sense — and we don’t always agree! You’ll get both of our perspectives, and it’s your job to come to your own conclusion.

Question Highlights:

  • How do polar opposite takes exist at the same time when it comes to predicting the market?
  • Where do you stand on buying a home as an investment?
  • What do you think we’re facing as an upcoming economy?
  • How is unemployment going to affect housing?
  • What should the average homeowner be thinking about right now?
  • Could you explain the difference between a forbearance and a deferral?
  • Should people be scrambling to refinance their homes?
  • Who should be considering investment properties?
  • What is the overall picture of the average person in the US financially?
  • Who are you passionate about supporting right now?

Guest Bio:

Ranked No. 1 female loan officer in the nation for most closed loans (Scotsman Guide, 2019) and as the No. 1 Hispanic loan officer in the nation (NAHREP, 2019). Senior Loan Officer Lizy Hoeffer proves every day that “passion changes everything.”

With over 17 years of mortgage industry experience, Lizy works for CrossCountry Mortgage, a leading independent mortgage banking company. She started as a receptionist in the mortgage industry and has worked her way to become a top 1 percent originator and closed over 980 loans in 2019.

“Our passion for our clients, the process and our business partners has set us apart from the competition,” she said. “We create raving fans through client education, finding the best products for our clients, outstanding service, competitive rates and on-time closings. We are dedicated to proactive communication. Which helps give our clients a smooth mortgage experience and our business partners the tools and experience to grow their revenue.”

An active, caring participant of her Phoenix, AZ community, Lizy volunteers her time to St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance and works with homeowners regarding foreclosure prevention. She is also the creator of the White Envelope Project, which is a homeless awareness campaign that gives people the opportunity to help those in need. Lizy is married to best-friend Skyler and they have three beautiful children, Anabelle, Penelope, and Calvin.

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Putting the housing crisis into perspective
  • Where we stand on homeownership
  • Timing is everything when buying a home
  • What we’re going to face in the economy
  • Forbearance vs deferral
  • When you should refinance your home
  • How to manage investment properties
  • SMART investing
  • How we change our financial habits for the future

Resources Mentioned: