COMFORTABLE is the CRACK to which we are ADDICTED


The title kind of makes you think, doesn’t it? Maybe you think I’ve completely lost it, but it makes perfect sense. Often times our desire to stay comfortable is why we haven’t reached goals or the abundance we long for. So many of us are addicted to that feeling that place of being comfortable and it keeps us treading water in the same spot.

“That comfort drives every single decision we make…or don’t make.”

Think about that… The comfort that you think is so great is keeping you at a certain level. As the famous saying goes from Jim Collins goes, “Good is the enemy of great.” How often do we just do things to “get by?” Or if we are taking massive action, it’s usually to avoid pain.

But how often does that drive to do more last once that threat of that pain is gone? (Hint: not long!) Take your workouts… How often are you pushing yourself when you’ve already put in a “good enough” workout? How about your pay? Are you making enough to just pay the bills, but not so much to create an abundance? You’ve likely hit the comfort zone. You’re not taking risks because there’s fear you may fail, lose money or injure yourself. They’re all excuses that you’ve fooled yourself into believing. But I’ve got news for you…

“If you work hard to protect what you currently have, then that’s all you’ll ever get.”

Ask most successful people and you’ll find that they gave up the “good enough” mentality long ago. They’ve failed time and time again, but they continued on. They worked when they didn’t feel like it. They invested when they didn’t have the money to invest. They sold their “comforts” so they could achieve their dreams and they constantly walk that fine line between success and failure. There are no guarantees, but we all have to make our peace with that.

So how do you change this mindset? Simply put, change what you consider to be comfortable. Don’t seek comfort in the same places best AC system in riverside. If that means associating with different people do it. If you know certain people are going to sabotage your efforts, steer clear find work injury attorney in philadelphia here. But never doubt your capacity for abundance. When the pain is too great, you will choose to seek a different destination of comfortable.

“You were put here with a certain set of gifts to do something incredible enough to be abundantly wealthy.”

Never forget it. You never know who needs those gifts.

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