How to Connect and Sell Better – with Megan Everett


Megan Everett is an incredible sales expert and founder of Perfrm, a 27-million dollar SAAS company. She took it — in less than 2 years — from an idea she was brainstorming in a parking lot to the company it is today. Megan shares some great stories, like when she found the courage to leave a cult when she was 17 years old and how she bounced back from losing $250,000s after a bad business deal. We talk about the power of asking for what you want and not being afraid to reach out to people, which is low key a superpower of Megan’s and she talks about how you can do the exact same thing.

Question Highlights:

  • What made you want to make a difference in the world at just seven years old?
  • What happened at 17 when you found yourself needing to leave a cult?
  • Where did your overachiever tendency come from?
  • What happened when you were brainstorming ideas for Perfrm?
  • How did you put this company together so fast?
  • Why did you take the long, cumbersome route, and why did it pay off?
  • How did you get to the point where sales felt comfortable?
  • Can you tell us about the time you made an investment and it did not go well?
  • How have you built such a great, powerful network?
  • Why is it important for you to volunteer for domestic violence shelters?

Guest Bio:

Megan is a glowing example of what we hope to become. She’s a SaaS and EdTech Founder and CEO, a board member/ advisor for other companies and non-profits, an investor and speaker. She continues to volunteer in her community through youth soccer and domestic violence shelters.

Her humility and gratitude for life is inspiring. There’s a warmth and openness to Meg that makes her easy to talk to. Her genuine belief that anyone can achieve their dreams draws you to her. That feeling of “I want to be on team Meg” will happen.

Meg has worked with everyone from Mark Cuban Companies to Collision Conference to Influencers like Mark Groves @createthelove. She’s kind, decisive, gives epic advice, all while unapologetically being herself.

Megan launched Perfrm in just 7 months from brainstorming it in a grocery store parking lot. By month 10 Perfrm was bringing in 100k MRR. Today the company has a 27M valuation.

In Megan’s words “I’m just a small-town girl who decided at 7 she wanted to change the world. So that was always the goal – work hard and make a difference.”

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Setting an example of giving back
  • Leaving a cult
  • Being an overachiever
  • Brainstorming a business in a parking lot
  • Getting over your excuses
  • Taking the long route
  • Making sales comfortable
  • Making a bad investment and recovering from it
  • Building a network and not being afraid to ask

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