Abundance Hack – Are you Confusing the Universe?


Have you ever wanted something, thought about it incessantly, only to proclaim at a later time that you don’t? What if I told you that that action alone could be preventing you from multiple things – from a car to a successful business?

“Everything you do, say and think is manifesting something physical. It’s creating a result.”

Any hands up in agreement? I’m guessing I have a few skeptics. So before you think I’m getting all “woo-woo” on you, let me frame it from two different perspectives.

No. 1 – If you’re a believer in the Law of Attraction, you understand and likely support this theory. Your energy attracts other like energy.

No. 2 – You either don’t believe in this theory or you’re just unsure of it – and that’s OK! What I have to say will still resonate because what you think and say directly affects your subconscious and what you do (and how it affects your financial results).

When your thoughts and statements are contradicting one another – you are ultimately holding yourself back. Let me give you an example… In your heart, you like nice things, but when you’re talking to your friends, you tell them that you don’t. Or you would love a new luxurious car, but again, you downplay it by saying it doesn’t matter, you just want to have a car that “gets you from point A to point B.”

If this sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone! Everyone, at one time or another, has done this very thing. We do it to fit in or justify where we’re at in life in this very moment. But ultimately, your mixed messages are confusing the hell out of the Universe.

“When you tell these little lies to feel happy for 30 seconds, they’re actually robbing you of lasting happiness for years to come.”

And you may be turning away future success, too. I mean, what successful person is going to want to partner or help someone who doesn’t welcome/attract success themselves?

It’s not until we start to live more unapologetically and make a habit of being honest with ourselves (and those around us) that we will start manifesting what we want in our financial picture.

Let’s start getting you what you really want by giving the Universe a clear message.

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