How to Build an OUTSTANDING Business with Bill Glaser


Today I’m sitting down with my good friend Bill Glaser, founder of Outstanding Foods. Not only is he an outstanding individual, he’s an entrepreneur, financier, and an investor who has raised over 200 million dollars for different startups, including some of his own.

We talk about the skill sets that it takes to be successful at this level. Get ready to take notes, tune in, and listen up, because this episode is outstanding.

Question Highlights:

  • How has being a risk-taker translated into your business?
  • What’s a time where you had no idea what you were doing but it still worked out?
  • How did you start a million dollar company right out of college?
  • What is the toughest part and best part of getting this business going?
  • Is there a correlation between generosity and success?

Guest Bio:

Bill Glaser, CEO and co-founder of Outstanding Foods, is an entrepreneur, financier and investor who has raised over $200 Million, taken several companies public, and has been involved with 2 companies that had 9 figure exits. Glaser’s current venture, Outstanding Foods, is a plant-based foods company that creates tasty as hell products that everyone can love. Outstanding Foods makes nutritious snack foods that are plant-based and taste like meat.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Overcoming challenges by having belief
  • Meeting a need in the market
  • Leading with benefits
  • Making a choice of what products you want to be a part of
  • Getting fulfillment from making an impact

Resources Mentioned: